95% of all women I photograph are not professional models, but no one believes it.

I do what i love

Hi! My name is Karyna. For more than 10 years I’ve been creating content and building small and big brands on social media. In 2020, I’ve decided to come closer to my dream and create a project related to photography. 

I am surrounded by so many incredible women who inspire but sometimes they feel insecure and anxious for so many reasons. I am here to remind how beautiful and cool we are, and create pictures you want to go over again.

It’s not just a photo session, it’s a meeting with yourself. 

And I will be your guide.


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how i work



We set up a date of the photo session and agree on the time when we will have online video meeting to get to know each other, discuss the theme and your image. Usually, it takes about 1 hour.



We meet at the agreed location. Photo sessions may last 1 hour or more, depending on the package you choose.



I edit pictures in Lightroom. I do not remove wrinkles or moles because I think this is something that makes you unique. But I can definitely hide a pimple that came out not the right time :)



Photos are usually ready no later than 3 weeks after the photo shoot. You will receive a link to the gallery and a code to download the pictures adapted for different purposes - printing, social media, web-site etc.